Welcome to The Estimated Travel Time Tool (ET3)! This tool was developed to support the City of Waterloo’s Speed Reduction Public Engagement initiative by estimating changes in travel times from reduced speed limits on selected roads. It is important to note that the travel time estimates created by this tool consider travel speeds at the posted speed limits for each scenario. For example: it will differentiate between morning rush hour and midday traffic. Future travel times will be estimated based on historical data. ET3 has the capability to report and estimate travel times for existing Conditions, Option A, and Option B:

  • Existing Conditions: Baseline option that shows residents “this is how long it takes you now” using current data for comparison to Options A and B.

  • Option A: Proposes reducing the posted speed limit on all class 4 and 5 roads to 40 km/h with 30 km/h school zones.

  • Option B: Proposes reducing the posted speed limit on all class 4 and 5 (local and minor collector) roads and school zones to 30 km/h.

Try the ET3 App Below

To begin, simply identify the start and end points of a route that you regularly take, select the date and time of travel and hit ‘calculate’. The tool shows the average change in travel time based on the information provided. You will notice the impact of speed reduction on the overall journey time is comparable. This is because the speed reduction does not impact arterial or major collector around the city and travel times during peak periods are inherently constrained due to congestion.

For best results, please enter municipal addresses for all trip origins and destinations